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Petition Northampton Borough to support the Syrian Resettlement Programme

The conflict in Syria has created the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War.

Last year saw 3,695 people drown and hundreds of thousands more endure a desperate march of misery across the continent.

There is an enormous human cost of war, persecution and human rights abuses that force people to abandon their homes in search of refuge. We provide emergency relief to desperate men, women and children who have fled to Europe’s shores.

Tackling the reasons people are forced to flee their homes in places such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea must of course remain a priority. However, in the absence of peace, people will continue to flee. We must provide them with safe, well-managed escape routes and refuge.

Please sign the petition here and ask Northampton Borough Council the support the Syrian Resettlement Programme. We would like them to take 50 families over the next 5 years, and to contribute to this programme.