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National Lottery Community Fund Success in Northampton

Northampton Town of Sanctuary (NToS) is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our pursuit of a Refugee Advice Centre Worker and Community Kitchen with a £275,000 grant from the National Lottery Community Fund.  This funding represents a resounding vote of confidence in our mission and will enable NToS to take significant steps towards supporting the integration of asylum seekers and refugees in Northampton and West Northamptonshire.

Nick Allen, NToS Secretary says, “We have worked hard to reach this point. We are very grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund for supporting our work. The need for an organisation like NToS has grown significantly over the last three years. We have had the support of many local individuals and organisations and we would like to express our thanks to all of them.”

NToS was established in 2015 under the auspices of the City of Sanctuary movement with an aim to build a town wide movement for support for people seeking asylum or people who are refugees

Key details of the funding grant include:

  • Total Funding Amount: £275,887
  • Project Description: Employment of a Refugee Advice Centre Worker and creation of a Community Kitchen
  • Grant Duration: Five years

Over the coming weeks and months, NToS will be sharing updates on progress of the project.