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The COVID19 Pandemic has affected us all in many ways. As an organisation we were able to prepare for the ways the young people might be impacted.

Ordinarily, as refugees the young people receive £37.75 per week to pay for food, clothes and toiletries. We anticipated a financial stress on the young people. Additionally, an increased emotional toll.

To respond this need we applied to Northampton Community Foundations Coronavirus Response and Recovery fund. We were then able to support 24 YP for 16 weeks with £15 Aldi vouchers per week.

One young person said “During the pandemic, it’s been a very challenging time. Basically missing my daily programme that I used to have things like studying, playing some different activities with my mates and so on. It also affected my finance as time have changed. But thanks to the amazing charity L2L ( learn to live) for understanding how the COVED19 will affect people like me and started help with a very useful The voucher helps me to buy some food at Aldi which I found it very helpful during the pandemic. As I always wanted to improve learning English, the group chat is the perfect time taken during the Lockdown. “voucher! It means a lot and Thanks again.”

Following this project we adapted our aims to suit the growing emotional and wellbeing need of the young people, exacerbated by the pandemic. The young people, already separated from family, living with trauma, and now isolated from friends and support networks were understandably affected by the isolation. The time spent alone allowed for rumination. As such we planned COVID secure picnics, bike trips and conversational English walks to encourage a boost for emotional wellbeing and safe interaction in the local community.